My Mandali story

“On top of the world”; that was what I was feeling while standing on that mountain overlooking Lago d’Orta.

April 2017, “Return to the heart” retreat
My visit to Mandali just had to be that way. I haven’t looked for it, but stumbled upon it accidentally, in a manner of speaking and acted upon it. Everything has changed since this journey; not only on a personal and corporate manner, but particularly emotionally and spiritually it has made me develop and I am still developing every day and there is no going back!

Daily walks with Boaz, meditating and yoga exercises support my mind and body and this keeps me true to my core.

Concerning what Mandali has given me (the transformation) I want to pass the feeling of being special on, also that you can achieve everything in life, including love for yourself (Return to the heart), especially inner peace. By wearing my designs you will carry a part of Mandali on you. The essence of love present in the gems can help you with that specific thing you need some extra support for or from.

The bags and luxury jewels are made from natural materials in a socially responsible manner.

The gems I have used are especially designed for the seven essences of love:

– Rose: unconditional love (rose quartz, tourmaline)
– Milk: nurturing love (moonstone)
– Liquid gold: fused love (gold, champagne topaz, citrine)
– Pomegranate: ecstatic, passionate love (ruby)
– Copper: Essence of empowerment (colour gold)
– Luminescent black: intimate love (lapiz lazuli, onyx)
– Living daylight: loving bedding (amethyst, aquamarine)

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