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My story interior jewels

Nature is one of my greatest sources of inspiration for all my designs, and the visits that I have made to museums and galleries contribute to this.

My interior jewelery (vases and table jewels) give each interior its own touch because every object is unique in shape and material choice. These are carefully made by hand (in the Netherlands) and so each gemstone has its own natural shape, color and energy. Each object is costum Made.

* Copper gold brings a sense of dignity. We are rich, worthy, empowered and filled with love and commitment to the truth in ourselves! By using different gems each object is unique, just as every human being is Uniques.

The oak wood frame of the table jewel is an inspiration of the Indonesian game Tjongklak. This is just like the game gouged in a beautiful organic round shapes.

My personal touch and creative insight is perfectly reflected by my production team. Every object that leaves the studio is a reflection of my love and vision!

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