About Vanessa

Vanessa Belgers is a mix of several nationalities; her mother is Indonesian and her father has a Dutch background. From a very young age onward, she has been aware of fashion, (differences in) culture and the styles that can be found in Europe. Vannessa’s jaunty Indonesian grandmother has also been a huge source of inspiration. She used to wear fur coats and boldly coloured clothes. Obviously, Vanessa dives into the world of designers in order to use her unique view on fashion and beauty and use it in her own creations. By her grandmother and her Indonesian blood, materials like fur and leather and eye-catching, tropical colours shall definitively be used.


In 2005 it is time to show the world her designs for bags. Done in her own way, using her strengths, courage and commitment, she travels to Paris. The people she meets there at exhibitions were full of  praise about her creations.

By now, her designs can be admired in many exclusive shops around the globe. Her bags are known for being innovative and unexpected in design. Every bag has its own unique appearance, due to the use of several different textures and a mix of materials, for example: python skin, cow leather, fish leather, fox or goat hide.

About Vanessa Belgers

every object with her love and vision


In the future, in addition to her fashion bags, jewelry will already be added to her line and since 2018 Vanessa has also been designing interior jewelry, like vases and table jewelry. Even now, Belgers lives in the Netherlands, but her creations can be bought in France,  Germany, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, in small boutiques, as well as in warehouses. By using her background and unique view on fashion, Belgers has initiated a revolution in the appearance, the feeling and the meaning of the current Dutch design scene. 

Meanwhile, Vanessa Belgers has grown to a team consisting of several specialists, who have tremendous amounts of knowledge, with Vanessa Belgers as lead designer. Besides her own designs, Vanessa Belgers also works on commission.


Having a sense of freedom is very important for Vanessa. This is reflected in her designs. The extraordinary combinations through the use of materials, designs, colors and shapes make her work exceptionally unique and beyond the borders of the modern color scheme. Long walks are a bit inspiration for many of her words, when she is walking her stubborn, and sweet dachshund Boaz. The shapes, colors and lines that nature has to offer, are drenched in beauty. This beauty is incorporated in her designs. She stays close to herself by using that strategy. The process of creating art makes Belgers very happy. The feeling of being one with the materials and her own presence, gives her a great sense of happiness and peace. She wants to transfer this feeling into her designs, which can, in turn, transfer that feeling to their future wearer.


Her jewelry consists mainly of gold and gems. Due to the strength of the color that gold has, it feels as if it has healing properties. In ancient times, gold was seen as a symbol of purity as well. The stones originate from all over the world and therefor symbolize freedom and connectedness for Belgers. Besides the extensive knowledge of different types of materials, Vanessa fills every object with her love and vision, and by doing that, she inspires people and manages to transfer a form of love.

Interior jewelry

The interior jewelry (vases and table jewelry) supply every interior with its own authentiek, because every object is unique in its shape and material. Everything is handmade in the Netherlands. Every gem has got its on natural shape, color and energy. The oak frame of the table jewel is inspired by the Indonesian game Tjongklak. The frame is a wooden plate which has several handmade holes in it. The same organic form is used in the frame of the game. The top is made of copper gold. Copper gold gives a sense of dignity, wealth and power. By using several different types of gems and craftsmanship every object is unique in its kind. Vanessa hopes to pass the feeling of appreciation and uniqueness – because every human being is unique – on. Her personal connection to the design and creative insight are being reflected perfectly by her production team.